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 From Yelp! - If you're looking for a casual night out for darts, pool, or just hanging around the bar listening to live music or watching "the game", AJs is your place.Went there the other night to catch a buddy's band and was really impressed with AJs.  A small to moderate size place, the area has about eight booths, bar seating for about 20 or so, and chairs along the railing near the pool tables.  There's also a deck area out back (didn't poke my head out to see how big, but there were at least ten folks out there).AJs doesn't look like much from the outside but there are two dart lanes and two pool tables for use.  There's also a good sized raised stage band area and dance floor for groovin' to the music.  Rumor also has it that there are horse shoe pits out back by the deck.The food is very good pub grub.  Wings, fries, and pizza that is a NY pie style.  If the crust isn't made there, I'd be surprised.  It looked homemade and tasted great...nice and thin with a chewy crust.  This is NY, not Greek style.  Suffice it to say that I was super thrilled with the $2.00 beers during Boston games. GO BRUINS!This place is biker friendly, so if you enjoy riding without a helmet and have your leathers, stop on by.  Harley's seemed to be the ride of choice.Looking over the monthly event "menu", it appears that there is local live music on the weekends.  Every other Saturday night, there's Karaoke.  And they always publish what the house TVs will be tuned to, so you can plan accordingly.  That said, they were very sympathetic to the crowd.  No one was really interested to the advertised NBA game so they changed it over to the Bruins on all screens.I really wish there were half stars, because I'd be giving the place 4.5 if I could.  All the same, I'm definitely making this place a regular stop! - See all of our Yelp reviews here.